"First let me say WOW ! Not only was the service provided,it was provided SUPER FAST, and the quality left me speechless. I can only describe what he does as a GIFT. Calling it talent would be an understatement. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this service"


Standard Delivery 1-4 days***

Reviews from past clients 

"Hired Soundalikes to impersonate Chris Tucker...

...10/10 would throw money at Soundalikes again"


"OK...listen up...this guy is simply incredible. And the turnaround time well simply nothing short of AMAZING"


"Excellent and professional service!"

- Tank Abbott (Tankpodcast)

"Soundalikes is the best celeb voice guy that I have ever worked with. In addition to great work and speedy turnaround times, he will also add comedic gold to your script or project. I can't say it enough, he is the best..."


**Max 30 mins or 2,500 wpm

***Excluding Fridays and Saturdays From 8pm-8pm,in which no orders shall be processed or delivered

"Awesome work! This guy is one of a kind"

-Crest Insurance Group

wanna hear what I got?

check out my samples in the "portfolio" section

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Services offered Include

        Animation Voicing

Movie Trailers


Album Skits

DJ Drops

Voicemail/Hold messages

and much more!

WAV. and MP3 formats available

For Quotes:

Rates vary based on project, so before we send you a quote,we need to know these following factors:

Length of project

Number of characters needed

Desired delivery presentation

( i.e. Upbeat,Dry & Serious, Movie trailer like style)


About soundalikes voice talent:

In May 2015 Soundalikes Voice Talent first stepped into the voiceover arena via the popular website Fiverr©,

and in 2016 decided to branch off from the site after a great startup year.

Since then their website has been one of THE go-to places for celebrity voice impersonations and various other voiceover needs.

Whether you're an animator looking for that special voice to bring your creations to life, a web content producer who needs a booming voice to narrate content, or a DJ looking for a few drops to liven your mix..here at Soundalikes Voice Talent we have you covered.

​CELEBRITY VOICES ARE IMPERSONATED, and don't forget we also specialize in providing original voices for projects also.

​(NOTE: All scripts are subject to review and could be reject due to content ,promotion,or length)

We also pride ourselves in being very reasonable in our rates which start at  only $25

Rate Breakdown:

$25 per voice style which includes first 30 seconds of dialogue

($10 per 30 seconds thereafter)

Tandem Voice styles(i.e. Ren & Stimpy, Beavis & Butthead,Scooby & Shaggy), start at

$40 with the first 30 seconds of dialogue included.


RUSH Delivery is available and guaranteed within 24 hours** on most projects for an

​additional $25

​Commercial Usage license(applied to all VO work for commercial use,such as radio stations

and media outlets​)

​ Fee: $100